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Episode 013 – Bridging the Gap from Purpose to Profits

In Episode 013 of Fresh Tracks, Angella Johnson talks about money, trust and the significance of discovering what’s important to you when building your business. Angella shares her story of how building a six-figure business doesn’t necessarily mean more money! She also explains how important it is to heal your money stories and learn to be with money in a productive way before you make it.

Many of us are taught to follow formulas and step-by-step processes to grow our businesses. Yet, we never take the time to be sure the steps we take are authentic and right for us. Angella teaches not to blindly follow what others say without checking in with ourselves. Learning to trust ourselves and using our intuition is imperative to creating the lifestyle and business we desire.

1:10 – How Angella’s first trip to Africa was her first money mindset shift
4:40 – Why it’s important you learn how to be with money in a productive way
6:42 – Building a business isn’t about following a formula. It’s really about how much goodness, and how much magic, you are willing to let into your life
10:53 – How to build a successful business if you are not motivated by money
14:41 – Tips for finding your motivator if it’s not a dollar amount
16:40 – Why success requires you to trust yourself
19:00 – How to trust yourself and not the formula for building your business.
23:28 – Angella’s decision-making test you can use today
26:20 – Surrounding yourself with people that see the best you

About Angella Johnson
aj_headshot_bwAfter building her business to six figures twice, Angella discovered that instead of following guru’s one-size-fits-all formulas, she instead created the most joy and financial abundance by blending her intuition with strategies.

Angella is an international best-selling author, speaker, strategist and coach and she combines strategy and intuition to help other SOULpreneurs and businesses make more money from their purpose.

To debunk the success myths and bridge the gap from your purpose to your profits, get instant access to the free training at www.angellajohnson.com.

Episode 012 – Rituals to Riches with Karen Fagen

In Episode 12 of Fresh Tracks Karen Fagen shares with us her three Rituals to Riches and how, as a single mom, Karen used the three rituals she teaches to build a multiple six figure business by focusing on feeling good from within and exploring what faith means to her. Karen shares how to create happiness every day and balancing living the life you want while running and building a business.

In this Fresh Tracks episode you’ll discover how to stop hitting that snooze button and jump out of bed feeling alive and excited about the day! Karen discusses how filling yourself up with clarity, intention and focus allows you to create more money & freedom. Uncovering the secrets to focusing on what’s most important in your business and life allows you to implement your priorities consistently – which leads to a consistent monthly income.

1:20 – Karen’s two secrets to building a multi-six figure business as a single mom
4:01 – The first ritual to riches
8:36 – What it really means when you struggle to get out of bed in the morning
14:15 – Why it’s important you ‘do you’ first
16:30 – How to set up your day for success
21:19 – A self-assessment if you are not getting the results you want
23:21 – Ritual three – all about creating the lifestyle you SAY you really want
26:48 – Why it’s imperative you avoid having your work over spilling into all of your life
29:49 – How to create happiness and bring control back in your life

About Karen Fagen:

karen fagenKaren Fagan is a Lifestyle Coach, Speaker and Author. She believes that feeling amazing is the secret key to achieving true personal and financial freedom. Feeling amazing starts with how you feel in your own skin, and then radiates with a force into everything you do. Karen helps high achieving women create lives of true emotional and financial freedom through no-nonsense coaching focused on wealth, wellbeing, and mindset. A multiple six figure entrepreneur she has become the go-to person for women who are ready to tap their hidden potential and fully accelerate their wealth and well-being.

Find her at FeelAmazingNow.com and learn more about her coaching programs.
You can also access Karen’s three amazing secrets she gifted listeners on the show: www.feelamazingnow.com/threeamazingsecrets

Episode 09 – Recognizing and Valuing Your Unique Gifts in Business

Episode 09 – Why is it so important to know how special you are and what role does that play in business? How does this knowledge affect your ability to make money? I believe that each of us is unique and is on this planet for a specific reason. How is your behavior different when you KNOW you are a unique way God is seeking to express itself? The truth is this knowledge affects your sales. Your self-confidence. Your ability to succeed.

The key to individual success is in knowing that you have a contribution to make to the world that no one can make but you. In this episode of Fresh Tracks we’ll look at how to recognize what our own unique gifts are and how to use them in business. What you know to be true about yourself is what you bring to reality – a look at your reality right now is a great check-in for where you are at. We also spend some time examining resistance. What might that look like and what should you do if you find yourself in resistance.

5:08 – The concept of spiritual self- esteem and what that means in business
7:16 – Affirming your biggest, bad-ass self on a SOUL level
10:44 – Can you recognize your gifts?
14:13 – Seeing opportunities in different places. What does it mean to choose to be open?
17:01 – Flipping your focus from what you can’t do to what you can do
20:00 – How to stop devaluing yourself and self-sabotaging
22:46 – 5 steps to recognizing resistance and how to stop it

KellyHS1_edited-1About Kelly Robbins
Founder of the Fresh Tracks podcast and The Copywriting Institute, Kelly Robbins helps people create their life their way. Kelly believes that we each have a purpose and that purpose is unique to each of us. Getting clear on who you are, what your talents are and how you best help people allows you to create a business – in fact a lifestyle – by design. You succeed at this not by copying others, but by following your intuition and carving your own unique path in this world. This individuality is what attracts others to you. This is how you create your own happiness.

Kelly is a marketing coach, copywriter and seeker of truth that helps guide folks on their journey to self-empowerment, fulfillment and making boatloads of money. Known for her directness and truth-telling, you can visit www.KellyRobbins.net to learn more about the role marketing and personal development play in starting and growing a business and designing a life of your choosing.

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Episode 08 – Why Boutique Practices Lead to Better Clients, More Income

Episode 08 – How can turning your business into a boutique practice lead to better clients and more income? Listen to this week’s Fresh Tracker Melissa Galt, founder of Prosper by Design, as she shares how creating a boutique business made a significant difference in both her happiness and her income! Melissa shares why she is an advocate for designing a joyful business and some best practices for making more money and loving your life at the same time. Melissa goes in-depth on the difference between an everyday business and a boutique business and how a few strategic decisions can lead to your business being one vs. the other. She includes some advice on the powerful impact saying NO to certain people can make. Melissa wraps up the interview sharing best practices for staying out of social media overwhelm.

5:19 – Is it possible to create a joyful business?
6:32 – Wrapping your business around your life rather than your life around your business
7:34 – The fastest route to creating a successful business
10:30 – Loving your business = loving your life
13:13 – Breaking the “always say yes” program
17:20 – Tips for saying NO to clients that aren’t ideal
21:06 – The difference in having a boutique business vs. an everyday business
27:00 – Melissa’s tips for staying out of social media overwhelm
30:46 – Secret tips for keeping evergreen content relevant – Eliminating the limiter

About Melissa Galt

Recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 20 Women of Influence for Entrepreneurs to follow, Melissa wheadshotMGorks with entrepreneurs to build irresistible boutique brands that stand out in a crowded market and help you make more money with better clients in less time, while loving it more. Melissa believes that you are your own ultimate competitive advantage and by leveraging your unique strengths, she can show you how to make your weaknesses irrelevant.

She is a success strategist, marketing consultant, and business designer focused on showing you step by step how to build your business so it is as unique as you are, and designing it to deliver the lifestyle you dream of and the impact you want to have. Learn more at http://onlinemarketingsocialsolutions.com/

Episode 07 – The Power of Alignment in Business

Episode 007 – Discover the Power of Alignment in Business. In this Fresh Tracks interview with Darla LeDoux, founder of Aligned Entrepreneurs, Darla shares with us what it means to be in alignment in life and business. Darla shares her exciting journey from Chemical Engineer to Entrepreneur and how she has built a multi 6-figure business by being in alignment herself. Darla shares how dramatically being out of alignment can affects results in our business, common ways we get out of alignment, and how us being out of alignment unconsciously affects the people we are in conversation with. Darla shares some great examples of how being out of alignment has impacted others in their businesses and provides tips to recognize when we are out of alignment and how to flip the switch!

The Power of Alignment: Align your business model with your Truth so you can make more money being you

2:00 — Darla’s journey from Chemical Engineer to Business Coach
7:10 — What it means to be an Aligned Entrepreneur and how your subconscious programming might sabotage staying in alignment
9:18 — Why external motivation doesn’t cut it for the aligned entrepreneur
12:23 — How our inner sensors spot people out of alignment and why that affects our sales
16:03 — Why 2 people with the same million dollar business plan will get completely different results
21:55 — Tips to recognize if you are in or out of alignment
32:16 — Putting yourself in situations where people reflect back to you

AbouDarlaHeadshott Fresh Tracker Darla LeDoux
Darla LeDoux is the founder of Aligned Entrepreneurs, where she supports entrepreneurs on a mission to get into alignment with their TRUE business goals. She works with them to create a business model that gives them the freedom they want and more money than they imagine doing the work that matters most to them.

Darla believes that Truth is where it’s at, that who you are, naturally, can make you money, and that the biggest thing standing in the way for most entrepreneurs is the barrier they’ve created to truly being visible and powerful in the world. All of her work starts with looking at who you are BEING in the world. When you operate in alignment with Truth, the right strategies and big outcomes are natural result.

Learn more from Darla and see if you are working in alignment at www.BelieveYourselfChallenge.com

Episode 06 – How to Finally Leap from Employee to Entrepreneur with Fresh Tracker Debbie Delgado

Episode 006 — In this episode of Fresh Tracks we are speaking with Entrepreneur Launcher Debbie Delgado. Debbie shares with us what it really takes to start your own business, how to know what type of business is right for you, and brings awareness to sabotaging behaviors no one talks about that kill any chances of success. Debbie’s journey from corporate employee to successful entrepreneur was filled with unexpected surprises (and some shocks!) that paints a picture of support and creativity. Debbie shares how claiming your own unique gifts and discovering your purpose are imperative to aligning every choice you make with who you are. Debbie offers excellent insight and advice for those considering making the leap from employee to entrepreneur!

How to Finally Leap from Employee to Entrepreneur

2:30 —  Discovering what you really want to be doing and realizing what you need to change in order to get that.
4:53 — Debbie’s waking up — her journey from employee to entrepreneur
8:00 —  When you KNOW what you are doing for work is not right
11:00 — What starting your business is NOT about
14:38 — Tools for getting a sense of where to start when you want to own a business – especially if you have one foot in the door and one foot out
20:00 — How to know when it’s time to leave corporate
22:53 — Guidelines for people launching into entrepreneurism
28:25 — Recognizing why your friends and family have an agenda for you
32:00 — How you are now, as an employee, does not support being an entrepreneur and what to do about it
37:48 — Three unconscious habits that will sabotage your business
41:21 — Why you have to grow into the level of results you want
45:23 — Your first order of business, in your business, no matter what you do

Business Photo Headshot Aug 2013About Fresh Tracker Debbie Delgado
Known as The Entrepreneur Launcher, Debbie helps women (and a few enlightened men!) with big visions launch their soul-centered businesses and incomes so they can live lives full of meaning AND money. The shift from a business that treats you like a hobby to one that supports your dreams can be a tough one. Debbie helps her clients transform their thinking, way of being, and results. Known for her gifts of no-nonsense Truth telling and helping her clients use the Akashic Records and Universal Laws to express themselves fully through their business, Debbie has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs through her Soul Realignment and Manifesting Design work, coaching programs, workshops, and “Your Business Matters!” e-zine. www.DebbieDelgado.com