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Episode 09 – Recognizing and Valuing Your Unique Gifts in Business

Episode 09 – Why is it so important to know how special you are and what role does that play in business? How does this knowledge affect your ability to make money? I believe that each of us is unique and is on this planet for a specific reason. How is your behavior different when you KNOW you are a unique way God is seeking to express itself? The truth is this knowledge affects your sales. Your self-confidence. Your ability to succeed.

The key to individual success is in knowing that you have a contribution to make to the world that no one can make but you. In this episode of Fresh Tracks we’ll look at how to recognize what our own unique gifts are and how to use them in business. What you know to be true about yourself is what you bring to reality – a look at your reality right now is a great check-in for where you are at. We also spend some time examining resistance. What might that look like and what should you do if you find yourself in resistance.

5:08 – The concept of spiritual self- esteem and what that means in business
7:16 – Affirming your biggest, bad-ass self on a SOUL level
10:44 – Can you recognize your gifts?
14:13 – Seeing opportunities in different places. What does it mean to choose to be open?
17:01 – Flipping your focus from what you can’t do to what you can do
20:00 – How to stop devaluing yourself and self-sabotaging
22:46 – 5 steps to recognizing resistance and how to stop it

KellyHS1_edited-1About Kelly Robbins
Founder of the Fresh Tracks podcast and The Copywriting Institute, Kelly Robbins helps people create their life their way. Kelly believes that we each have a purpose and that purpose is unique to each of us. Getting clear on who you are, what your talents are and how you best help people allows you to create a business – in fact a lifestyle – by design. You succeed at this not by copying others, but by following your intuition and carving your own unique path in this world. This individuality is what attracts others to you. This is how you create your own happiness.

Kelly is a marketing coach, copywriter and seeker of truth that helps guide folks on their journey to self-empowerment, fulfillment and making boatloads of money. Known for her directness and truth-telling, you can visit www.KellyRobbins.net to learn more about the role marketing and personal development play in starting and growing a business and designing a life of your choosing.

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Episode 04 – How and Why to Share your Story in Business

Episode 04 – In this episode of Fresh Tracks we’re talking with Madeleine Eno, copywriter and founder of www.InTheWritePlace.com. She explains why it’s so important to share your unique story in your business and your marketing. It’s what makes you different and it’s the why and how you are cutting your own Fresh Tracks in this world. Madeleine shares best practices, common mistakes to avoid, and how to know when and where to use your stories to connect with your ideal client.

How and Why to Share Your Story in Business

2:06 – Why we are hardwired for stories
5:57 – Where to use your story in marketing your business
8:29 – Why seeing own own story is often hard
13:41 – Mistakes people make when telling their story
15:22 – Why staying vague in storytelling is killer
17:44 – How to know when to tell certain parts of your story and when not to
21:35 – Looking professional vs. creating an invitation
22:45 How we are designed to do what we do in this world
29:06 – Formulaic copywriting vs. using softer skills in copywriting
34:28 – Tips for folks that want to write their own story

madeleine picFresh Tracks interview with Madeleine Eno, MA, writer, editor, coach and founder of www.inthewriteplace.com. She helps entrepreneurs who are blazing new trails deliver clear, compelling messages as unique as they are. In her “Golden Thread” sessions, clients discover the soul and meaningful core of their story, and then more confidently and profitably connect with their audience, speak on stage and package their services. They also feel a whole lot lighter and happier in business because their tribe knows and understands them, even before they’ve met.