Episode 3 – Marketing Funnel Vitality

Episode 03 of Fresh Tracks with Kelly Robbins we take a deep look at why ‘how you are being’ when you create your marketing funnel effects your results. This third pillar in creating an effective marketing funnel, marketing vitality, is vital to the success of your business.

Like your vital organs, how you are being as you create your marketing, when you price your services, when you are in sales conversations with others, makes a dramatic impact on the ultimate results you achieve. Listen in on this week’s show and discover the how entrepreneurs generate money differently than others and sneaky ways we sabotage ourselves that ultimately kills any chances of achieving our goals.

Marketing Vitality and Why How You Are Being Matters

1:35 – What is marketing vitality and why does it matter?
4:36 – Building your spiritual self-esteem
8:28 – Recognizing unsupportive values and beliefs
15:32 – Entrepreneurs and how they generate energy
16:30 – 5 ways low self-esteem and lack of confidence show up in sales
19:13 – Why you have a responsibility to present all the options to your clients
22:56 – Assuming prospects don’t have enough money is a mistake
26:07 – Why it’s imperative to ask for the sale on the spot

About Kelly Robbins
20150122_135524Founder of the Fresh Tracks podcast and Kelly Robbins Coaching, Kelly Robbins helps people create their life their way through their business. Kelly believes that we each have a purpose and that purpose is unique to each of us. Getting clear on who you are, your talents and how you best help people allows you to create a business ā€“ in fact a lifestyle ā€“ by design. You succeed at this not by copying others, but by following your intuition and carving your own unique path in this world. This individuality is what attracts others to you. This is how you create your own happiness.

Kelly is a marketing coach, writer and seeker of truth that helps guide folks on their journey to self-empowerment, creating work and life as a fun adventure, and knowing how to lead the right clients to your door consistently. Known for her directness and truth-telling, you can visit www.KellyRobbins.net to learn more about the role marketing and personal development play in starting and growing a business and designing a life of your choosing.

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